Should I hire a wedding videographer?

Yes, you should. It is something that you will be able to look back on in years to come. It is something that you will have as a memory forever. The wedding day goes by so fast and you will be so happy you did. 98% of couples who don't have a wedding video regret it. 

What is the cost for a wedding videographer Ireland ?

The average cost of a videographer in Ireland is €1450 although you can find videography services being offered at massively varying prices. It will depend largely on what the client wants, there are a lot of elements which come into the pricing of any event video.

Wedding video costs can vary greatly depending on the coverage required. It will also depend on what resources are needed, will you need two videographers, a drone etc. We are trying to be as efficient as possible, this way we can provide great value to our customer.
Go to the "get a quote" page and see exactly what the pricing for you will be. Pricing can also vary if you are looking for a wedding videographer Cork or a wedding videographer Dublin etc

Why do you do a follow up consultation?

Every video is unique and everyone wants something different. We find it easier to go through things with people so that a definite outline of the work is known, this makes things clearer for everyone, us included.

What if I don't know what kind of video I want or need?

Videography services FAQ? That is totally fine, you can just drop us an email or request a callback. We will be delighted to go through your options with you. No-one will be hard selling you anything. We want our customers to know what they are getting and what to expect from our service.

Do you do videos for social media for businesses?

Yes, we do. If you are unsure about what is needed just give us a call. We do full production/ animation if needed. We also do a full post production or editing service for business creating their own content.

I'm getting married very soon, is it too late to book a videographer?

It is never too late. Drop us a call or an email. We can't guarantee any last minute availability but because we work with a lot of different videographers it is often possible to get someone even at the last minute. 

How can you guarantee a two week completion, a lot of suppliers take 6 months to deliver.

We operate differently. A lot of small businesses are individuals who run every aspect of their business, this can lead to a backlog when they get busy which often happens in the summer. In these cases there can be a long wait for a delivery. We are different. We operate with a lot of different people working at different stages, so that when one step is completed the project moves along to the next stage of production regardless of how busy we are. This is how we can guarantee our delivery time.

I need a videographer for an hour, can Need-a-Video help?

Yes, definitely. We get asked this question a lot. As always, give us a call we will see how we can help.

I am looking for a video service but, I don't see it mentioned. Can you help me with it?

Drop us an email or a call and we will be able to answer any questions you might have. We have tried to include the most common requests on the " get a quote" page but, there will always be some that are overlooked.

More videography services FAQ will be added as they become FAQs!!


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