Our Story

We want everyone to be able to afford a good video. Whether that be for your wedding, your business or for something else. We have started building our business in such a way that everyone involved gets to do what they are good at and enjoy doing, this way we minimise the effort which has to be put into an area which someone doesn’t like doing. This benefits everyone including our customer.

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New ways of thinking about video

At the moment a lot of video creators do all of the jobs in completing a service for their customers, this means that they end up doing things the are good and not good at. This also often means that when they are busy shooting video( Like during the summer months) ,then no editing work gets done. This often means that a customer will wait a long time to have their video delivered. We operate differently so we don’t have this problem. 

Hassle free video

Getting exactly what you want without paying a fortune for it.

Committed to Quality

We have a great team and we work with only the best contractors. This means we can deliver the best quality at the best price.

Enviroment & Community

Working with an Ireland wide team.


We have a great team.
I was just emphasising this again!!

Need-a-video takes the hassle out of video.

Organising a video for a wedding, an event or a business can be time consuming and filled with hassle , we want this to change. We are becoming the producers for small productions which mean that a high level delivery will be guaranteed and there is always an expert over seeing the final delivery making sure the right people are there for each job that is required.

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Taking the hassle out of video!

Customer care and service is what matters to us most. Check out our Google Reviews and see why everyone is turning to Need-a-video for all of their video needs.










Save yourself time, money and hassle!